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9b_TTS Jonas at night-16:9 1280x720
9_TTS Maria at night-16:9 1280x720
10_TTS Hagar Wideshot 1280x720
11_TTS Way home 2-16_9 1280x720
12b_TTS Raphael-16:9 1280x720
12_TTS Maria boat1-16:9 1280x720
13_TTS The arrest-16:9 1280x720
14_TTS Raphael & Maria-16:9 1280x720
15_TTS Kids and death-16:9 1280x720
17_TTS Maria & Husband 1-16:9 1280x720
18_TTS Carlos Closeup 1280x720
19_TTS Maria-16:9 1280x720
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16 September 2021

YouTube premiere of RESET-RESTART

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Emilia Productions YouTube Channel with a free Watch Party of the documentary RESET-RESTART.

The YouTube premiere will be held on Sunday, the 19th of September at 8pm (CEST), (2pm EST, 11am PST).

Please join us with the following link: Watch Party Reset-Restart

The protagonist Mischa Steiner and director/producer Judith Lichtneckert will be present online in the Chat to answer your questions during the film!

Likes, shares and subscriptions are highly appreciated ! 😊

9 September 2021

World premiere of LES NOUVELLES EVES

We are very excited about the world premiere of Les Nouvelles Èves at the Zurich Film Festival 2021!

Tuesday, 28th of September 21:00 h at the cinema Corso 4 in attendance of the team and protagonists with a Q&A

Additional screenings:

Wednesday, September 29th 20:45 h at the cinema Kosmos 4 in attendance of the directors and production team with Q&A

Saturday, October 2nd 13:45 h at the cinema Kosmos 5 in attendance of the directors and production team with Q&A

23 Februar 2021


In the editing room, we are already fine-tuning, while we continue to hold our collective feedback rounds on Zoom…We are extremely looking forward to the joint Picture Lock approval at our local cinema!

15 November 2020

TO THE SEA wins at Ourense Film Festival

Exactly 3 years after the first shootingday of TO THE SEA our movie wins the the prize for the best movie at Ourense Film Festival

3. September 2020

TO THE SEA 2.-5. september 2020  at XVII Festival de Cans , Spain


6. Februar 2020

LES NOUVELLES ÈVES wins the Swiss Documentary Competition by Migros Kulturprozent

“Mit «Les Nouvelles Èves» – einem Portrait von sechs Frauen in ihrem täglichen Kampf gegen Rollenzuschreibungen und Ungleichheiten – überzeugt das talentierte Regisseurinnen-Kollektiv die Jury und gewinnt den 10. CH-Dokfilm-Wettbewerb. Herzliche Gratulation!” Nadine Adler, Migros Kulturprozent, 24.1.2020

16. Oktober 2019

premieres in Winterthur and Madrid !!!

We are thrilled to announce our world premiere on November 7th at Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
and our international premiere on November 9th in the European competition of Alcine Festival in Spain !

12. August 2019

HELVETICAE – celebrates…

…being among the tree finalists of the Migros Kulturprozent Documentary competition and wins the prize for the further deveolpment of this project. Emilia Productions is very honored to receive this recognition in Locarno.

8. Mai 2019

RESET- RESTART on Vimeo on Demand



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