Les Nouvelles Èves

(formerly HELVETICAE)

A feature length documentary by the female directors’ collective Annie Gisler, Anna Thommen, Thais Odermatt, Wendy Pillonel, Jela Hasler and Camille Budin, and initiators/producers Judith Lichtneckert and Liliane Ott.

Winner of the Migros Kulturprozent documentary competition 2020.

In postproduction, release planned for spring/summer 2021.

Summer 2020, one year after the national women’s* strike of June 14th, 2019. Six female directors dive into the everyday life of six women* and explore, in the style of “Direct Cinéma”, what it means to be a woman in Switzerland today. We show their struggles, their dreams and how they can be implemented in reality. We portray women* who actively resist their assigned roles, stumble over obstacles but get back up again. Inspired by the resonance of the women’s* strike, they are “Les Nouvelles Èves”, who in their daily stride forward, challenge the still persistent gender inequalities in our country.